Not all of the podcasts listed here are focused on mindfulness meditation only; however, the golden thread that connects them is their focus on positivity, mindfulness, health, and behavior. Unfortunately, there are only seven episodes, and the podcast was discontinued in 2015; however, the episodes remain relevant. He’s very industrious; a new episode is released every two to three days. Ever wondered why certain people rise to the top of their profession almost effortlessly, why some politicians appeal and others don’t or why Corvid-19 looks to be more patient than humans? 6/10. Body mindfulness meditation, Silent meditation – 3-minute meditation timer (no guidance), Mindfulness Meditation with Tracy Cochran Repost from 10/17/2018 (Theme: Hopes and Anxieties), The Power of Compassion (Dr. Jennifer Sippel), How to spend more meaningful time with your children, How to tackle different punishment styles, How to address difficult topics (e.g., racial injustice), Four gentle ways to support yourself when anxiety flares up, 5 ways to manage anxiety-related irritability, Meditation: Loving-kindness for stress relief, 1663: Meditation: Make It What You Want It To Be – A Personal Experience of Meditation by Amy Pawlukiewicz. Ford’s podcast episodes are best suited if you have more time available to meditate and may not be suitable for a morning ritual (unless you have 30 minutes for meditation, of course). The second lists only episodes that deal with anxiety. About Podcast Mindfulness of Doom is a weekly podcast about life, peaceful living, and existential dread. There’s also one in there for younger listeners, after all, it’s never too early to get the little ones away from the screen and living in the moment. Your email address will not be published. 1. Take the time to navigate the website linked to each episode to see a photo of the artwork. The answer is a resounding yes. GoZen! Created by Dennis Simsek, a former professional tennis player who spent six years struggling with a panic disorder and health anxiety, he is now a life coach hoping to help others learn from his experiences. In other words, no formal scientific criteria were used to prune the list. Covering all manner of subjects - from toxic relationships to anxiety and stress - The Overwhelmed Brain is a podcast for those looking to ask questions and delve deeper into the human psyche. #7 Mindfulness Meditation Podcast. Some are meditative, while others are a mixture of round table discussions, casual chats and experts speaking from their own experiences. It may not happen, but it's clear Spotify is looking to do something big with podcasts. The world’s a busy old place, so is there really time to squeeze meditation into your daily routine? The name of this podcast, Practicing Human, is so clever, a play on the idea that the host and his listeners are humans who practice (mindfulness), but also that we are practicing what it means to be human. Aura. Fifty Best Mindfulness Podcasts For 2020. The first list consists of podcasts that specifically target anxiety. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. We’d like to make things easier for you, so here’s our selection of best mindfulness podcasts to listen to in 2020. Brilliant gifts for sound hounds and music lovers. Covering everything up to and including stress, exercise and happiness, this is well rounded podcast that even includes round-ups including guided walk suggestions and round table discussions. This podcast by Kelly Smith radiates calm and balance through its focus on mindfulness and yoga. Mindfulness Mode . The Rubin Museum started a podcast initiative during the COVID-19 lockdown. A combination of interviews with meditation teachers and those who simply enjoy practicing, this podcast is a great way of integrating the art of meditation into your everyday life. We recommend starting with episode 1. The best comedy podcasts guarantee laughter every time. Hosted by Darren Cockburn, mindfulness expert and author. We’d love to hear from you! In the podcast Wake Me Up, host Tyler Brown focuses on three types of activities: In the motivation episodes, Tyler introduces content that is meant to inspire his listeners. One of the best suggestions I ever heard for mindfulness was while you’re in the shower. Together, Seph and Hugo teamed up to create in its current form. The book 10% Happier by Dan Harris (2014) is highly recommended, and so too is his podcast of the same name. Covering topics including depression, how to handle stress and issues surrounding anxiety, this is a podcast well worth listening to. Jabra Elite 85t review: noise cancelling done right, Sonos Radio HD arrives bringing quality, Dolly Parton and no ads, Huawei FreeBuds Studio review: meet your new best Bud, Best gifts for audiophiles this Christmas 2020, Best comedy podcasts: guaranteed to make you laugh every time, Best celebrity podcasts: featuring a host of Hollywood A-listers, 10 best DAB radios: ultimate DAB radio guide, Best interview podcasts 2020: great in-depth entertaining chats. The production quality is excellent, the topics are interesting (and varied), and the interviews with experts are enjoyable. The "Hank" and "John" in this case are, of course, Hank … So, whip out your earphones, make a warm cup of something comforting, and find a cozy spot so that you enjoy this list of podcasts. At the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) our mission is to reduce suffering, promote resilience and realise human potential across the lifespan through mindfulness. It’s an eclectic mix. The Best Mindfulness Podcasts of 2020. Dear Hank & John. Mindfulness Mode. The JOY Factor podcast is hosted by Julia Hanson, who is a yoga teacher, life coach, and therapist. All rights reserved. A lot of people who practice mindfulness know about this podcast! The host, Hunter Clarke-Fields, explores various topics that are relevant to parents today, for example: Some of the earlier episodes begin with a five-minute meditation, followed by a discussion on the particular episode topic. Our podcasts are suitable for the general public, you do not need prior experience to listen. She guides her listeners through different types of meditation and yoga episodes, and there is enough variety that you won’t get bored. Science & Research. Listen to Mindfulness Sessions & Podcasts on Spotify. The podcast has been running since 2014, and the episodes are approximately 30 minutes long. When she’s not working, she indulges in running on the road or the trails, and enjoys cooking. Even though the podcast is new – it only started at the beginning of 2020 – at this moment, there are already more than 30 episodes. The final podcast we recommend is our own: the podcast, hosted by Hugo Alberts and Seph Fontane Pennock. By Eliana Dockterman May 29, 2020 8:00 AM EDT I n some ways, the … By Danielle de Wolfe. Some episodes deal with psychological topics, whereas others look at natural health and medicine. To start you off on your audio journey, the WH team have revealed 51 of the best podcasts for women who want to learn about health, fitness and wellness. ... Podcast, N. (2020). Maybe you’re in the shower five minutes a day. Paul is a clinician, and for that reason, can be trusted with his insights. The Stress Solution: The 4 Steps to Reset Your Body, Mind, Relationships and Purpose . Podcast host Bruce Langford just became your new BFF and life coach, because he is here to help you become the very best version of yourself. In contrast, others take a more general approach and look at various topics of psychological significance, including mindfulness meditation and anxiety. Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Coming to you from the Rubin Museum of Art, the Mindfulness Meditation Podcast has become widely known thanks to its high quality. The more extended version is Stream One, Mindfulness in Eight Weeks: 40 Minutes a Day Program. Here are a few specific podcast episodes that tackle anxiety specifically. Seph Fontane Pennock is an entrepreneur who uses positive psychology in his everyday life. Paul Dooley has a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact approach to dealing with anxiety. With chats about where exactly the road to mindfulness will lead and also point of view conversations around the subject itself, this is a great podcast to keep you in the moment. This podcast might not appeal to everyone, but it is still worth listening to, primarily because of the variety of topics. The “Tim Ferriss Show” is one of those motivational podcasts that you won’t be able to stop listening to after you start. Lastly, our in-house podcast, the Podcast, is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn more directly from Seph Fontane Pennock and Hugo Alberts. Normally, the museum hosts in-person meditation classes; however, since the museum has been locked down due to the pandemic, they have made the recordings of previous mindful meditation sessions available as a podcast. Dan Harris was a news reporter who experienced a panic attack while live on television; afterward, in his quest to figure out what went wrong, he stumbled on meditation. So far, there are more than 1,000 episodes. The episodes in this podcast are on the longer side (more than 50 minutes), so make sure that you have some extra time available when you start. This podcast is very active, and a new episode is released frequently. The Best Podcasts For Practicing Mindfulness 10 Podcasts That Will Help You Master Mindfulness and Feel More Present. But don’t let that put you off, because there’s a lot of reason behind this particular trend. And what better way to gain inspiration, then to tune in to one of these podcasts. Impressive ANC-infused cans from the phone giant. Keep in mind that this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are many episodes in the Mindfulness for Beginners podcast that deal with events that induce anxiety. Anxiety Relief for Kids covers how to address anxiety experienced by children. Welcome to the Mindfulness Online Training Podcast. The best interview podcasts can reveal lots about your favourite celebs. This podcast applies to any parent regardless of their gender. Each episode is a guided meditation that focuses on a specific piece of art, which is linked to the theme for that week. Ford’s podcast episodes are best suited if you have more time available to meditate and may not be suitable for a morning ritual (unless you have 30 minutes for meditation, of course). Don’t let the title of the podcast turn you off. 09 November 2020. This podcast is a firm favorite because it checks all the boxes. Get in touch! (Incl. Required fields are marked *, About Each episode addresses a different topic with an expert. On average, Mindful in Minutes is rated 4.8/5 stars. Aura helps users relieve stress and anxiety with a technologically advanced, simple, and effective meditation platform. This podcast features plenty of interviews and will help those with busy and stressful lives find a much-needed breakthrough meditation. See more ideas about Podcasts, Mindfulness, Sharon salzberg. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. There are several apps that you can use to listen to podcasts on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Oberlo’s Start Yours is a podcast about dropshipping, ecommerce, and all things starting a business. To date, there are four seasons, and new episodes are published every few weeks. Here are our picks for 14 of the best podcasts on mindfulness and mindful living in 2020. The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Gina Ryan deals with topics surrounding anxiety, panic, and PTSD. Created by Meg Kissack, this is a podcast for the dreamers and creatives out there looking to do something a little different with their lives. Whether you are looking for a mindfulness podcast, a conscious loving article or video teachings, the Be Here Now Network has a range of resources and teachers to help you on your spiritual path. This podcast is better suited for a work or school commute, rather than a five-minute morning routine.

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