Uskrzydleni Wiekiem – 'Inspired by Age’ is a non-governmental organization aiming to activate senior citizens of Cracow. It is currently in the process of creating a Senior Citizens’ Activity Centre at 14/16, Rusznikarska Street in Cracow (district 4). The project is funded by the Municipal District of Cracow.

The Centre offers a wide variety of activities including board games, scrabble, bridge, sewing, painting, decoupage, jewellery making, photography, movies, literature, personal development, relaxation techniques, workshops on using new technology (computers, mobile phones, tablets) and knowledge of civic rights and duties.

Many of our senior members volunteer to help children and others in need. There are also the young helping the elderly.

On top of that, the members of the Centre take part in many trips and cultural events held in Cracow. They go to museum, cinemas and theatres together. They celebrate holidays, meet up to sing songs and dance, exchange Christmas and Easter wishes.

Beeing fit and coming to terms with the limitations of ageing are among our priorities. At the Centre senior citizens take part in a wide range of sport activities like gimnastics, walking, cycling, self-defence classes, nordic-walking, tai chi, group dancing and ballroom dancing. The Centre provides workshops on healthy living and regular meetings with psychologists, nurses and doctors.

As an NGO we get most of our fundings from donations along with the money we are given to realize the projects we work on. A lot of what we do can be achieved thanks to the work of our volunteers – seniors, students and others.

Our sole mission is to make sure that every senior citizen is given a chance to live their live to the fullest, regardless of age.

We want them to realize their potential and not to became marginalized. As a Nobel-winning author, Jose Saramago, once said 'There is nothing sadder than non-existence’.

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