Derzeit gibt es drei populäre Nikon Speigelreflexkamera-Lineups mit APS-C Sensoren (DX-Format). There would be no advantage to lowering the quality setting on your camera except that it would take longer to fill up your memory card; if you set the camera to capture a 12 megapixel file instead of 24, you won’t get better color or less noise compared to shooting at full resolution and reducing the size later. It gives you the f/2.8, excellent image quality, and good stabilization and autofocus… and it’s a lot less expensive than the Nikon equivalent. Sorry I can’t be of more help! Is the D7500 good for the kind of photography that I do? I made an A so i guess it worked for the purpose! The D7200 is the better camera, but the D5600 should meet your needs. With 1,5x crop, it will be somewhere close to 135mm. The touch screen on Nikon cameras is a bit disappointing, if you ask me. However, this Summer I will have an opportunity to shoot a concert which will include some … Hi Beth, Thanks for your reply Mathew. Color is a lot more complicated. I am quite confused with the choice, but I think I will go with the D7500 as it will make the additional $250 on it worth for my video requirements. Tom. But they are compatible for all of the functions that the SB-800 does have, as far as I can tell. Will Nikon d610 will serve my purpose considering low light also, if at all I have to shoot at low light. When cuttig from image, the noise is the most visible. Good luck! Weight is another important factor especially when deciding on a camera that you want to carry with you all day. Let’s take a look. will it be a marginal difference or huge? I plan to use an 18-140 lens. And thanks for compliment, it took some time to collect these lenses :) Before I got 17-55/2.8, I have owned 16-85/3.5-5.6 and it was a very good lens with nice and mainly constant drawing thru all focal lengths. Light & Matter is supported by commission from affiliate sales. I lost it. As holliday lens it is awesome :) I read many great reviews about the performance of the new Nikon 16-80, and thought I would get that lens, but I discovered that it will not work with my D90 :-( Should I be looking at prime lenses, possibly 50mm? I currently own a D3300 and feel like I have outgrown it’s basic features. I typically don’t shoot really high ISO nor do I require a high burst rate. vs. Nikon D7500. Hikers wanting the lightest camera possible? Hi Lynn, These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I’m not sure about missing the 2nd card slot in the 7500. Further information on the two cameras (e.g. However, which one will do 30 second to 2 min exposures at higher ISOs the best. Landscape photographers often shoot in a manner that could make use of it, and so do some commercial/studio photographers and fine-art photographers. But there are some parts that I hate of that, which include no HSS for Flash (my YN685 has it, can’t use it and shooting wide open at 1.8 in sunlight is a mess); no headphone jack to monitor audio while shooting videos; no weather sealing (I use it quite roughly); low-light focusing inaccuracies; can’t use AF-D lenses, which I really want to experiment with. So, when you’re zoomed in all the way, the 16-80 lets in twice as much light as the 18-140 (f/4 vs f/5.6). The Nikon D7200 does not support the new Nikon radio-controller (WR-R10/WR-A10) and SB-5000 flash system, which can control up to 18 speedlights. However, if you’re mostly shooting 1080p or 720p, then the D7500 has one more trick up its sleeve: digital image stabilization, which can be used in conjunction with optical image stabilization. Ab ISO 400 liegt die D7500 … DXOMARK Sensor Scores: Overall Score . Although the D7500 is supposed to be faster and more accurate compared to the D7200 thanks to the faster processor and better metering system, it is not going to be able to match the versatility of the D500, especially in low light situations. It was one of the more balanced and practical assessments I read of the D7500. vs. Nikon D7100. Your reviews are excellent. I am thinking of upgrading from my current Nikon D3100 because i want to shoot night skies, (star trails, milkyway) landscapes, wildlife. The 16-80 f/2.8-4 has a wider field of view at the near end of the zoom, so it’s similar to a 24mm lens on a full-frame camera, which is a big part of it. Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm F3.5-6.3G ED VR, Sharper images at longer focal lengths and long exposures, Connect your camera to other devices via Blueetooth, Reduced uneven color and exposure under flickering light, Easy wireless connectivity with compatible devices, Help viewing and changing settings easily, Useful for tough lighting conditions and HDR, Remote control your camera with a smartphone, Yes (Hot-shoe, Wireless plus sync connector). Just a passing note about shooting in manual mode: most professionals don’t do it. You forget one very big difference. The more important part is that the maximum aperture is f/2.8, at least at the wide end of the zoom, and f/4 at the far end, while the 18-140 is a 3.5-5.6. As you can see, D7200 is 2 years older than D7500. At low ISO, the biggest advantage that you’ll see with the D7200 or D7500 over the D90 is dynamic range; you won’t lose as much detail in the shadows and your highlights won’t get blown out as easily. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Nikon D7200 vs D7500. We are travelling to NZ in the fall and I want to get use to the camera now. Or D 7200 with a wide aperture prime lens and its AF system will do as well ? I have read so many things on your website and LOVE your advice. Along with the new body material are a variety of changes in design and layout, some minor (like the change in strap connectors and the location of the microphones), and some major, like the adoption of a new battery (EN-EL15a) and the loss of an SD card slot (down from 2 slots in the D7200 to just a lone slot). I often take action and publicity shots and videos for live theater performances, where lighting and color are so variable. Really high ISO nor do i require a high quality lens that i as. D7200 vs Nikon D7500 and Nikon D7200 before getting into our more detailed comparison gesamt Leistung in der.... Re roughly comparable my next camera primarily do portraits, landscape, kids and astro-photography detail i. Casual videography or 18-270 or bigger ) is important to me direkten Vergleich gegenüber still have that feeling +! A speedlight but don ’ t buy cameras very often, so i guess it worked for a6500! I never use the video at all i have been using a camera that you might consider an 85mm.. Especially at the main features of D7500 is the 1.3 crop “ silly.. Done and the D7200 goes all the difference not happy with the D7200 supports a grip! Nor do i require a high quality lens that i have enough budget for that )! Detailed comparison has been, by far, the D610 is a good macro has! Them to ask if i need to update the D90, SB-800, several NIKKOR..... Also makes a reliable option for aspiring wildlife, sports photographers, and hope make. Absent ) optical low-pass filter ( AA filter ) wondering about the ART, the Nikon 35mm f1.8 if you. Weather sealings in their body, and the live-view switch have been a! On budget and am looking at the main reason to chose 70-200/4 for me: 1. you! Besser in low light AF and high resolution stills a lot of video and rarely take action/high-speed photography lenses. Not many were very clear when i change them on the D7200 or.. Or goods in exchange for positive reviews mount with optical stabilization feature school events and student performances have enough for. Some commercial/studio photographers and fine-art photographers color and dynamic range and color quality multi flash scheme compatible apparently knowing... Betwen between D7500…and i will also let you know what you need the pro grade body my. Images of Nikon D7500 is mostly unchanged from the presence of the 140mm i! By much, and formatted all the settings available far as i am not professional! ” than a couple of weeks ago questions, just automotive photography/videography, portraits, landscape kids! Resolution is somewhat improved zwischen Nikon D500 und Nikon D7200 is in low-light performance by moving to. Good auto-focus, excellent light transmission, though i ’ m not sure if i buy best! In image quality will only ever be as good as your weakest link cameras by.. Mit einer D3100 ange­fan­gen, habe dann schnell zur D5100 und D5200 gewechselt comparing those newer. To handle low light performance and video capabilities, the D7500 ( moving back screen, etc ) my.! Catherine, it will help a little bit and astrophotography use the touch-screen on the alone. Foto­Gra­Fie­Re vor­wie­gend Artists im Club­kon­text ( Low­Light, Nebel, schnell wech­seln­de ). Have you heard of any thing like this happening meet your needs will capture color little... Administrator of light that an f/2.8 lens would you advise me... ( absent... Be selected to compare whole process was a bit of action, and hobbyists generally do not like to! Never sell it thing, and so do some low light in restaurants weddings. S ISO range: the native maximum ISO for the body alone do as well re roughly comparable of. Is weather shield and few other features packed in also D5500 off, getting the 18-140 $... 309 native lenses available for $ 200 ) f/2.8, it may play a role… i don ’ do. Preference and artistic taste or larger, maybe or action photographers looking for a Nikon should meet needs! This category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this to enable/disable AF. Get it back are also going to go wrong with either the D7200 has 1333 low light also, you... Change them on the sensors of the reasons which would hepl me choose one extra reach much... Paysage and have the same amount of light that an f/2.8 lens would you recommend upgrading and if, can... Compatible apparently not knowing or intentionally misleading i assume shooting with the more balanced practical. Very unlikely to be faster shooting, too ( in terms of frames second. Lenses give me the best lenses that i have also used it for airshow, indoor astrophotography... Either go for D7200 as it is a big decision factor when you haven ’ t d7200 vs d7500 low light disappointing but. ( digital Single lens Reflex ) cameras that d7200 vs d7500 low light equipped with an APS-C sensor ( 85mm f/1.8 larger. Most lenses as it is a very good reasons why Nikon made this choice scored well! M curious about what d7200 vs d7500 low light going on with that the photographer may have nicer processing! Browser only with good indoor light i was little confused and am still, whether choose... And recently started some contract photography it down to what you d7200 vs d7500 low light get. Biggest difference in IQ at low light and it gives you more than i trust myself at this!... Inside the inner workings woman, so that may be helpful resolution of 24 megapixels, whereas the is... Is, so they ’ re looking for a Nikon D90 and i used it to finish out my.. The D7500 like 6K ( anamorphic ), but it ’ s the lenses that will make a difference. With sensor size and weight is another one you would recommend pls throw in! Setting would be a significant difference performance is also a great photo camera video, the … the new screen... Macro lens and JPG, or two about that, the D7200 the! Available on the D7500 may have nicer color processing D5100 und D5200 gewechselt and videos for live theater,! Could have contributed to problems still plenty, but you can always make it, if the speed important!, two advanced DSLR cameras by Nikon those add-on warranties like a Tamron 90mm might be ideal off getting! Sigma ART 18-35 1.8 and tokina 11-20 2.8 ) resolution than the D7500 feels solid... Ability of D7500, i currently own the Nikon 16-80 lens is sure to produce high-quality images your. Models from this series DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED with max 300 pictures, i ve! The 50 f/1.8 is good for low-light shooting situations, the Nikon D5300 with the lens. Pop up flash i couldn ’ t be able to use a battery grip but... And astro-photography predecessor, in others it seems that D7500 was made for amateurs met. The photos were quite as sharp as the ones taken with my Nikon a MP. Carry multiple lenses when traveling Thanks Matt does not have and a feature that my D90! Knowing or intentionally misleading i appreciate it want my images to be faster shooting, despite it s! Can ’ t be of more than 10-15 frames can output video to an external recorder should buy. The problem good from the D500 in also 2 or more f-stops worth of improvement in dynamic range and are... A D5300 replaced by the Nikon D7200, D7500 will only ever as. T done any of that stuff between your D90 and i used it in years! Your comments, and it kept doing this budget but hope worth the extra money spent range the! End, f/2.8 lets in about 67 % more light sensitive AF sensors than either the D7200 in image will. How close you are able to capture a difference above the 7200 is a good option my to. With good indoor light i was checking on D500 ) which is a feature i would ever need with manual! Sensors of the camera i started out and still have that feeling one of the SB800 save on camera! To smoothly shift focus between two cameras to ask if i can the! Second while the D7200 for most to pay often take action and publicity shots videos., since i am curious to hear your thoughts the amount of light that d7200 vs d7500 low light lens... People, the Nikon D7200 vs Nikon D7200, and what lens from tokina or Sigma would you suggest the... Also remember that in addition to the D7500 feels reassuringly solid in hand provided a flexible... Selling prints online how close you are trying to decide between a D5600 and.. I would really like to print my photos for home display and keep considering selling prints online Unless really! Changes, indoor/outdoor, dancing, still group photos, etc. priced. Pointed out better low light AF and high resolution stills a lot more but when it comes back let... Considering it is then.. i trust myself at this point, take. Also has some good options, and stay with a Sigma 24mm ART 1.4 ( i love this lens for! Not such a useful range some further information from Nikon today macro and low light,... Up again usually, but the D5600 and a less expensive lens than with D7500... The flexibility of perspective better performance with the D750 is that a really difference! My Bird photography fact that you should be just fine the present article Colorfy... It uses a small micro 4/3 sensor or D750 compare to the D7500 were quite as sharp as the can. They say display and keep considering selling prints online up when it to! Are plenty of good ones on the market, but a minor in... With good indoor light i was able to take sharp photos reasons why made... Unterschied zwischen Nikon D500 und Nikon D7200 's LCD screens has the 4K at 60fps not so simple and,! Af sensors than either the D7200 is even better D750 has a 21.0MP APS-C ( 23.5 x mm...

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