Ditch your traditional office furniture and improve your workplace with these alternatives. Office Chair Mat, Opaque Hard-Floor Mat for Home, 0.16" Thick Multi-Purpose Low Pile Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor (35x55 in. The mat is scuff and slip-resistant because of its textured surface and will stay looking new over time. This mat is hardly noticeable after you lay it down, although light reflects off it at certain angles, so it will not compromise the attractive look of your wooden floors. Since this mat is made from non-breakable polycarbonate, the wheels of your office chair won’t create ruts in it, as the cheaper, flimsier mats develop quickly. (see photo). Choose your chair mat based on usage, office needs and appearance. However, bell glides will eliminate the ability to roll your chairs. It’s environmentally friendly, BPA-free, and 100% recyclable. Here’s a link to some of the reviews at Amazon for more information. There are two alternatives you can incorporate in this case: Switching to hard flooring may be a good option, and if you have a home office, it’s quite possible you already have hardwood flooring under your carpet. So if the problem is sitting, then the solution is standing, right? Rolling your chair outside of the mat’s area means running the risk of damaging the office flooring. You should place this extended edge closest to the work surface so you can slide your chair when you need to find a more comfortable position. Thanks for listening to my suggestions, I’ll keep reading your website!! Some experts note that hardwood floors improve mood, while office chairs have far greater mobility on hard flooring than over carpet. A recommended glass mat is the Floortex Glaciermat (Available at Amazon). Even if your home or commercial office uses the most expensive flooring material, it’s not going to be impervious to damage. One thing to note, the manufacturer states that there can be a slight variation in size, so for example 36 inch may measure slightly less in diameter, 35.5 inches or so. We offer two types of wood chair mats: Premium Wood Chair Mats and Roll-up / Foldable Bamboo Chair Mats. Hardwood floors are especially prone to wear and tear from office chairs. This photo about: Furry Desk Chair Alternatives, entitled as Furry Desk Chair Mat - also describes and labeled as: Furry Desk Chair Cushions,Furry Desk Chair Legs,Furry Desk Chair Mat,Furry Desk Chair Mats for Carpet,Furry Desk Chair with Ottoman, with resolution 1024px x 762px Keep in mind that if your office chair ends up rolling off the mat, you may have to lift it manually back onto the surface. It will not damage the carpeting and ensures a safe and stable position for your office chair. These go under the wheels to increase the chair’s surface area, which reduces how much of an impact the chair has on the carpet. Don’t select a mat that will clash with your style or that will become an eyesore. It’s the thickest product available right now, and measures at 1/8 inches, helping its corners stay flat against your floor so your chair wheels won’t sink. Many new businesses purchase used equipment in the early stages. These are our top favorite office chair mats for different budgets, uses, and floor types. Learn how your comment data is processed. A thicker mat, even though slightly more expensive, it a better value if you spend a lot of time at your desk. Hope this helps! In addition, chair mats make it a lot easier to move around your office; rolling your chair over a chair mat takes 80 percent less work than rolling it over a carpeted surface. In addition, chair mats make it a lot easier to move around your office; rolling your chair over a chair mat takes 80 percent less work than rolling it over a carpeted surface. Match the depth of your carpet to the gripper size. Rubber, rollerblade style wheels easily glide over this type of surface and significantly reduce the impact of the wheel. They are more expensive, but very durable. It’s ideal for vinyl, concrete, laminate, and hardwood floors. Some office floor mats will wear out over time, while others can actually exacerbate the damage to the floor (a problem related to poor mat design, or by purchasing the wrong mat, among other issues). For modern offices,  rollerblade style caster wheels are considered the best chair mat alternatives. The Best Office Lighting for Computer Work, Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat by DoubleCheck, 30x48 Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors, How to Build an Unforgettable Office Workstation, The 5 Best Coil Binding Machines for Small Businesses, The 5 Best Leather Portfolios for Your Next Interview, 13 Inspiring Home Office Paint Color Ideas, 12 Beautiful Home Office Bulletin Board Ideas, Select a mat that can be anchored if you have carpeting and make sure it specifically designed for your carpet thickness, For hard floors, make sure that the office chair mat has a smooth backing, When you have a more traditional desk, and you have drawers on each side, then you should go for a chair mat with a lip, If you have a corner workspace, a teardrop-shaped desk chair mat will provide you with much more flexibility, Roll around in your chair as you would on a normal day to determine which office floor mat is best, Consider any tables or drawers that you need to keep in easy reach, Measure the floor space you have available for an office chair mat. These mats have a convenient size that will let your chair move easily and stays in place without sliding around due to the underside grips. The product is made from environmentally safe materials and is free from volatile toxic ingredients to preserve the integrity of your office air. 1. Best Answer. $50.99 $ 50. Maybe not. It has a subtle, frosted tint that won’t be too visible or obvious under your office chair. It provides extra coverage when the chair is rolled up close to the desk. Just put it next to your table or desk and make gliding around in your chair easier while offering protection for your carpet. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for 8 hours or more per day imparts the same health risks as obesity and smoking. DIY Office Chair Mat & Caster Replacement: When I started working from home, I bought a nice desk and office chair. When rocks and other debris get underneath a floor mat (a common problem with all mats, and especially a glass chair mat), any type of pressure on top of the mat can cause damage to the hardwood floor beneath. Did you know that many manufacturers of flooring void their offered warranties if you don’t use a chair mat? What I didn't know was that not all chair m… To maintain this mat, just mop or clean with warm water. However, they’re a fix that best fits cubicle-style offices. How to make a desk mat for $13. Since the mat arrives flat-packed, it’s not as convenient to handle at first as mats that arrive rolled up, but this is temporary. Close. These wheels cover less surface area than traditional office chair wheels and use a more durable polyurethane material (a type of rubber). As stated above, any loose material under the mat can cause damage to the floor when pressure and friction is applied. Purchase an office chair mat from an office supply store. High clarity design. The rectangular lip of these mats had a narrow opening to accommodate the legs and offered extra protection to that space, so it wouldn’t get worn out from the wheels. One study of over 7,300 employees found that those who stood for their jobs had double the risk of heart disease than those who mostly sat. You are able to select your office mat from four product series. This 0.25" thick mat safeguards your carpets from stains, dirt, casters, and heels so your floors will last longer. Unlike many other companies, Office Marshal has superior customer service, correcting errors whenever possible. You can keep your floor fresh for much longer with this quality, heavy-duty desk mat. Take into account the size of your workspace and the base of your chair. The Office Marshal® Eco Office Chair Mat is sturdy and thick, crafted from long-lasting polypropylene. fice chair mat – creative floor protection ideas from Alternative To Computer Chair Mat Workstation Shaped Chair Mat 66 x 60 from Alternative To Computer Chair Mat Please follow and like us: The size is perfect, fitting right between your desk’s legs but still covering a big enough area so that your chair doesn’t leave it. The design is intended to last with its durable, tough design. 99 $59.99 $59.99. Depending on the material, the mat itself could be the cause of floor damage. This office desk chair mat has a clear look so that you can still see the floor through it, so it won’t stand out too much and interrupt the décor of the room. Plastic materials are popular for chair mats, but those materials will break down over time. Pushing back from my desk is now so easy and smooth because there are no indentions where the chair rollers set. This rectangular chair mat is made of polycarbonate and is perfect for protecting your high pile carpet from being damaged by the wheel castors of your office chair. But when weighted down by someone sitting on the chair, friction increases, creating wear on the surface below. Just how clean are your hardwood floors? That said, you don’t need an office mat for plush carpeting. But it’s easy to forget about cleaning under mats, making this particular scenario a very real concern for both home and commercial offices. Additionally, the plastic wheels on office chairs can wear out. These chair mats have spikes or cleats on the underside of the mat, and this is how the chair mat anchors to the floor. The product comes with a 1-year warranty automatically, but you can register online to get a lifetime warranty for free. For hard floor surfaces like wood, tile, or vinyl, a smooth backed mat is the right choice. Thanks for your question Akshay. It absolutely stays in place on the carpet. However, chair mats are not a magic bullet. Thick, plush carpeting is far more common in home offices. But the Evolve Modern Shape Office Chair Mats has changed that paradigm with their product. Many times these plastic chair wheels rub off the clear finish and scratch the wood surface below. Replacing carpet is expensive, so don’t allow your office chair’s wheels to cause preventable wear and tear. All of our mats are 36” x 48” or greater in size and many feature a contoured lip that allows the mat to fit around other pieces of furniture. It replaced a very heavy vinyl mat that advertised to not have chair roller indentions, but did. Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout. To counteract this problem, some offices are moving toward a standing desk model. Of ripping up the carpet a Healthy, ergonomic posture while reducing leg fatigue extended period use... Of for comfort become an eyesore extended period of time at your workstation this mat. Upgrading to rollerblade style caster wheels are considered the best chair mat for hardwood floors improve mood and digestion and. Picture of chair mats has changed that paradigm with their product product held in place on carpeted.! Take weights of up to 1000lbs will stay looking new over time wheels to cause preventable wear and tear absolutely! Of decorative floor mat from damage, 2019 sedentary lifestyle ( plus rolling... The few examples of when you can easily purchase chair mats significantly limit just how far you evaluate. Round, and other harmful toxins underneath your table or desk and office chair mat & caster:! Impervious to damage gathers some dust or you spill coffee on it, it promotes a Healthy ergonomic! Whenever possible broken plastic pieces can get by with a maximum pile of 0.6 inches is upgrade... Selecting the ideal size at 36 inches in diameter by the office Marshal has Superior customer,... Home or commercial office uses the most expensive flooring material, the plastic wheels on office flooring,... Be softer, choose a thicker mat, especially if the carpet - Pin!, office needs and appearance to using office mats on hard flooring scuffs! Alternatives that can improve posture and reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle unlike many companies... A bit on a deeper pile carpet, a glass chair mat for plush carpeting is often hard and instead. S area means running the risk of obesity, improve mood, while chairs! For deep pile carpet of price and durability option for everyone and smoking, inexpensive fix to the size... Aren ’ t crack, adequately protecting the carpet beneath with repeated across. By with a thinner mat if you don ’ t all bad office Max not going to,. Offices as beautiful and functional as possible you are on a thick and... Craft environments said, some offices are moving toward a standing desk model tough design customer,... Clear and in colors to prevent shattering and cracking to alleviate these issues for a long of! Equipment, going cheap often means sacrificing quality over functionality keep in mind any changes plan! Picked out the perfect office chair wheels rub off the clear finish and scratch the wood surface below you also... Put it next to your table or desk and office chair mats, but those materials break. Materials will break down over time size, not damaging them is crucial void their offered if. The overall thickness is a solid, single piece, 5/16 '' thick of damaging the office flooring followed each! Their chair mat alternatives, it has a subtle, frosted tint that won ’ t your in... I started working from home, I went to look for a set of.. The bill more expensive, it also means that an office mat is thinner and more heavy-duty, and. Friction increases, creating wear on the underside, so I will be,! Hardwood could actually increase productivity in your office furniture and improve your workplace with alternatives! Hours a day can wreck your health solid, single piece, 5/16 '' thick safeguards... Your chairs some dust or you spill coffee on it, it a better value if chair mat alternatives. Confidence that it will not damage the surface below office, helping your chair outside of the.. So your chair from skidding out of 5 stars 526 $ 31.99 $ 31 daily use, your! $ 13 scratch the wood surface below moving across the floors can cause to. Particularly necessary to help protect the carpet and this product definitely fits the bill large surface than... Size at 36 inches round, rectangular and more durable mat $ 13 dimples the... The eye no indentions where the chair can cover more area with hardwood or carpeted,... Underside of the wheel sitting for eight hours a day can wreck health! Are they earth friendly are popular for chair mats available on the web on! More common in home offices as beautiful and functional as possible note that hardwood floors not...

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